Whenever someone gets an iOS device, it’s sort of like an unspoken rule that one of the games that they have to get, apart from Angry Birds which is a given, would be the popular fruit slashing game Fruit Ninja, which is developed by Halfbrick Studios. A couple of months back in March, we reported that some German students managed to create a VR version of Fruit Ninja, with the use of a Wii controller. Granted the graphics weren’t as eye catching as the actual game itself, it was still a pretty interesting concept, one of which Halfbrick Studios decided to pick up on, in an attempt to port the game over on to Microsoft’s Xbox console, making use of the Kinect.

As it turns out, a working version of the game has already been created, and instead of using fingers to slash the fruit, users will use their arms instead. They will have to stand in the middle of the screen with their “shadow” being projected into the middle, and then slash away with their arms. The good thing about the Xbox Kinect version is that you will be able to use both arms, so there’ll be a better chance of you slashing all the fruit, although we’re guessing this will provide quite a workout.

Several new features will be added to Kinect version, such as a “challenge mode” where the player will have to complete various objectives. A “party mode” will also be featured whereby two players will be able to get in on the fruit slashing action, although we probably recommend standing far apart to avoid any accidents. Other features that can be found on the iOS game will also be making its way over, such as the special bananas and the pomegranates.

No word on any specific dates as to when the game will be released, only to say “later this year”. Check out the demo video below.

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