Have you ever gotten stuck in a situation where were unable to remember for the life of you, just where you managed to park your vehicle? Fujitsu intends to help you out if you happen to have an iPhone, that is, where their car navigation system that is stored on an SD memory card will be able to use your iPhone to guide you to exactly where you last parked your four wheeler. Known as the AVN-F01i, it will be priced at around $1,121 after conversion, without the need to fork out more money for the applications – which is a good thing, of course. 


At the moment, Fujitsu Ten has developed a trio of applications, where they are the “Doco Car (Where Car),” relying on augmented reality (AR) technology that will for example, superimpose an image of an arrow on the image taken by the iPhone’s camera so that you can be guided to your parked car, while “TwitDrive” lets you share your tweets with your mates, with “Car News Reader” reading out aloud news headlines while you drive back – talk about a time saver!

Seriously, if you’re getting this just for the sake that it can help you out of a tight spot when you can’t remember where you parked your car, we would think it is a very expensive tool with a much cheaper alternative being improving your memory.

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