The JesterAs if the heat from the authorities wasn’t already enough, it looks like Anonymous and LulzSec have another adversary to deal with. A hacker who calls himself Jester has claimed responsibility for taking down the websites of two of the most prolific hacker groups in recent history. At this time of writing, both and are inaccessible, though there’s no word on why the sites are offline besides the statements made by The Jester.

The Jester, a man who claims to be hacking for the good guys allegedly took down the Anonymous and LulzSec websites yesterday. However, Sabu – a supposedly key member of both LulzSec and Anonymous has a different story to tell. According to Sabu, LulzSec’s website is offline because the group stopped paying for the hosting and not because it was hacked by Jester. Here’s what he had to say to The Jester:

“@th3j35t3r You’re seriously taking credit for things that literally have nothing to do with you! We stopped paying hosting for lulz box. Wow”

As for why Anonymous’ website is down, it’s not known at this time, but we doubt it’s due to hosting fees being left unpaid. Regardless of whether their websites are down or not, it still looks like the hacker groups are still very much alive, with both of them spurring on Operation PayPal. Grab some popcorn, it looks like the drama is getting started again.

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