Mitsubishi LCD-22BLR500

Nowadays it’s pretty much standard to have a home theater system decked out with a Blu-ray player, an internet connected TV, and a DVR, sometimes even more. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of those features in one package instead of having to purchase separate devices? Well, Mitsubishi has just announced the LCD-22BLR500 – an LCD TV that does everything short of making you a sandwich to go along with your favorite TV show.


This all-in-on TV consists of a 22″ HD TV, with a digital TV tuner, a Blue-ray recorder, a 500GB hard disk, internet connectivity, an SD card reader, a USB port for media playback via external storage devices and support for AVCREC! Talk about all-in-one. All you need to do is literally plug this device into a comfortable area of your house and start enjoying yourself (of course you’ll need to hook it up to your audio system if you have one at home).

No word on whether this TV will be released out of Japan, but when it goes on sale July 21, it will cost approximately $1,238 (100,000 yen).

[Press Release]

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