Since today’s a Monday, surely getting up bright and early in the morning could prove to be rather difficult to achieve, no? Especially so if you have had a wild and wacky weekend that had you grooving away into the wee hours of the morning, sending your liver wave after wave of booze to process and detox while you down them shots with wanton abandon. For some, we would like to be awakened gently instead of the traditional loud ring of an alarm clock, and if you’re really upset at the noise before your mind forces you to roll out of bed, you might actually end up abusing your alarm clock – costing you some dollars from your bank account as a result of purchasing a replacement after your violent outburst.

With the Mr Bump alarm clock, he will be more than happy if you pick him up and throw him against the wall – that’s the only way to get him to “shut up”. Guess there’s no snooze like this, and it explains the perpetually pained expression on his face with all those bandages. Are you willing to fork out £12.99 for this cute little alarm clock, or do you prefer something more traditional?

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