Who would have thought that MSI from Taiwan would churn out more than just motherboards and graphics cards for nerds? Well, it seems that the hardware manufacturer has come up with a robotic vacuum cleaner in the same vein as the Roomba range with the iCleaner M800, where it will come equipped with a highly sensitive ultrasonic sensor that will slow down whenever it approaches obstacles. Apart from that, it will also be able to slow down, brake, and change directions, so that it will be able to help make a clean sweep (pun intended) of your home.

Whenever the iCleaner M800 runs low on juice, it will head back to its recharging cradle by itself so that the lithium ion battery will recharge itself in a mere two hours. Fetauring a special wheel material alongside a suspension system design that lets the iCleaner M800 even climb up to heights of up to 15mm, it is capable of traveling between wooden floors and carpets, crossing electrical wires and wire clamps without batting a robotic eyelid.

MSI claims that their iCleaner M800’s suction power is three times more effective compared to similar competing devices, where the dual side brush design makes sure that dirt, debris, dust, and hair lurking in corners will not be able to escape its notice.

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