Unless you’re wearing in-ear headphones or regular earbuds, it will be hard for you to share music with your friends, especially when they ask, “So who are you listening to?” That would mean you’d have to take off your headphones and pass it to them, which means they’ll get to enjoy the music while you sit there and watch. In-ear headphones and earbuds could solve that, but it could also bring about a hygiene issue, not to mention sometimes certain songs are mixed and produced in such a way where the left/right channels will produce different sounds.

Designer Dorien Van Heijst probably saw this as a potential problem, which could explain how the “Plug it in” headsets came about. The headsets are crafted from leather, porcelain and wood and fitted with a wire that is enveloped in cotton that has gold-plated jack plugs. These wires are used to attach an additional headset, as seen in the photo above. We’re not sure how many headsets could potentially be attached, but if it is multiple, it could bring a whole new meaning to the term “listening party”.

The over-the-ear design also helps to ensure that there will be minimal sound leaks, which means it won’t be disturbing the people around you.

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