The very name Porsche itself evokes a sense of spirited driving, and the German automaker is not all about speed, but they intend to release safer and more efficient vehicles as well. Currently, Porsche is working on the new ACC InnoDrive system that will no longer require the driver’s feet to be on the pedals – once the system is fed with enough relevant information, of course. The vehicle will at first take down notes of the route that you tend to drive along, in addition to other logistics such as estimates of the speed limit, curves, and elevation changes. Having done so, it will analyze said data and convert them into car-friendly information, letting you place your feet elsewhere, or even get your co-driver to give you a nice reflexology massage. 

The whole idea behind the ACC InnoDrive system would be to develop a vehicle which is capable of keeping tabs on speed, throttle and other aspects all the time, resulting in a smooth and comfortable experience complete with optimized efficiency. There are three modes in the system – Comfort, Dynamic and Off.

In Dynamic mode, the pedals are taken over, you just need to make sure your hands have control of the steering wheel. While it might sound a bit scary to leave the control of the car to a computer, initial tests have shown that the Porsche’s performance was impeccably perfect. It will take three more years at the very least before such technology is made available in actual, customer-ready Porsches.

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