Lian Li has been out of the news for quite some time already, so it is rather pleasant to hear that they are back with a spanking new special edition PC case known as the PC-U6 Cowry. This will be an all-black (to look more menacing, we might add) PC case that sports the rather unique design characteristics of a seashell. At last, you need not have another boring, rectangular box in your living room or work area as this special PC chassis lets you exhibit personality and craftsmanship that is inspired by nature. The Cowry does seem to target a very specific niche market, and might just create a whole new market where folks will see their computer case as an artistic expression instead of a hunk of metal.

The PC-U6 Cowry will express plenty of versatility thanks to its relatively large build space, allowing one to mount up to three 3.5” and two 2.5” internal HDDs. All the HDD mounts are tool-less, sporting anti-vibration thumb screws with rubber suspension. On the outside, a solitary 5.25” ODD tool-less mount is right there at the top of the front-panel. There will be four ventilated PCI slots on the back-panel so that you can mount graphics cards as long as 310mm.

Impressed? The laundry list does not stop there, as Lian Li’s special edition Cowry is also thermally-optimized thanks to a couple of side-panel 120mm fans that keep airflow constantly circulating so that heat buildup is prevented. It will cost $349 a pop – not cheap, but at least it injects some flavor into an otherwise boring room.

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