Samsung Chromebook componentsIf you’ve wondered about the profit that Samsung makes for selling each one of their Chromebooks, you have to wonder no more. According to the folks over at iSuppli, who gave the Samsung 3G Chromebook a tear down, it costs $322 to obtain the parts to make one of these Chrome OS-powered notebooks, while it retails for only $499. That’s not a very large profit margin for Samsung, when compared to the XOOM or iPad that costs only $278 and $235 respectively that sell for more than the Chromebook. And we haven’t even included the costs involved used to pay for other factors such as workmanship and marketing of the device.

The Chromebook is made from a $86.37 motherboard, a $58 display, a $48.20 battery, and a wireless $42.85 chip. All the parts are soldered onto the board as well, which means this won’t be a notebook that you’ll be updating on your own.

Do you think that knowing how much it costs to build the Chromebook and how much Samsung makes will help convince consumers to pick up the device? I guess we’ll have to see how many units of Chromebooks are shifted in order to see how much Samsung will make.

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