Samsung RF4289

Who would’ve thought we’d live to see the day where our refrigerators can do more than just keep our food and cooking ingredients cold? Earlier this year, Samsung introduced us to the world of next generation kitchen appliances, and one of them was the LCD Refrigerator: a fridge that packed an LCD touchscreen display, with the ability to run apps to improve our daily lives.

With a touchscreen interface on your fridge, there’s no more reason to clutter up its face with magnets (though you still can) – just launch the notepad app on the fridge to leave or read notes for yourself or your family. Need a recipe for that dish you’ve wanted to try out? Just launch Epicurious and look for the recipe there. If you’re waiting for something to boil or grill, you can pass time by looking at photographs on Picasa Web Albums or even do the dishes/cook  over your personalized music channel streaming from Pandora. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a fridge and more.

The Samsung LCD Refrigerator with apps is available at national retailers including Lowe’s and Best Buy for an MSRP starting at $3,499.99 for the 4-Door French Door model (RF4289) and $2,699.99 for the Side-by-Side model (RSG309).

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