Do you like the Angry Birds game? Are you a big enough fan to get yourself a blinged out Angry Birds case for your iPhone 4? If all of that still sounded good to you then perhaps the big “3D” Angry Bird sticking out at the back of the casing might be the deal breaker. In terms of practicality this casing could easily score 0/10, but if you’re a fan and you love bling and collecting unique looking cases then perhaps this may very well be up your alley.

Perhaps if you were looking for an iPhone casing with a stand, the “3D” bird sticking out at the back can double as one. On the bright side the casing does look rather unique and very shiny but at the same time it will set you back $200, which is almost a third of the price of an unlocked 16GB version of the iPhone 4! If you think that spending your $200 on a blinged out Angry Birds iPhone 4 casing is worth it then just head on down to the creator’s Etsy page to place an order.

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