Most common passwords

Daniel Amitay, the developer of the Big Brother Camera Security app for the iPhone recently updated the app to send passwords that users set for the app, back to him for some research he was doing. Since the Big Brother Camera Security app lock and passcode screen is similar to the iPhone’s default lockscreen, he assumed that people would be using the same passwords for both his app and the phone.

All the passwords were sent to him, anonymously, and he collated all the data into a bar chart listing the most common passwords that were being used by his customers. While the method he used to get the passwords were questionable (his app has since been removed from the App Store), what’s interesting is the top 10 passwords that were being used. Admittedly one of them looks familiar to me but it’s for a throwaway login that isn’t important.

How many of you have passwords that are in the list? If you do, it’s time for a password change – just in case. Read more about the experiment.

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