With all the ailments and ills that are happening these days, thankfully we have come thus far in the field of medical achievement that implants are able to provide life where no such avenue existed just half a century ago. There is a flipside to this though – someone who knows that you have a heart implant inside might decide to just kill you off (for reasons only known to the killer, of course) by a simple press of a button on a radio transmitter. Doing so will let the target’s pacemaker deliver a lethal dose of electricity. Sounds far fetched? Not quite, as researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are already working on a wearable signal jamming device as part of their countermeasure efforts. Seems that there are more and more ways to expose yourself to danger these days, and an implant might just be one of them.

While the reason many implantable devices are wireless-capable, those with nefarious intentions might just rely on that wireless capability to turn the device onto its owner – with some more than others capable of causing serious harm or even death to the owner from afar.

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