4G survey

How many of you don’t know if your phone is 3G or 4G capable? Well, according to a recent survey done by Retrevo, 34% of iPhone users seem to think that the “4” in the iPhone 4 means that it is 4G-capable. Most of them have been obviously confused with how Apple named the iPhone 3G (which happened to be 3G capable, unlike the first iPhone). 29% of Android owners think their phones are 4G (though it wasn’t stated how many of them were wrong), and 24% of BlackBerry owners think their phone is 4G as well (all of them are wrong since there is no 4G BlackBerry).

These results show that people don’t really know what 4G is and we don’t blame them. After all, carriers have been busy building up hype for 4G without really explaining it to consumers. All they know is that it’s supposed to be faster and that every phone with a “4” in it probably supports it. But knowledge of 4G aside, 61% of iPhone owners have said they will be buying the next iPhone regardless of whether it is 4G-capable or not. So will Android and BlackBerry users. I guess 4G just isn’t a main priority when it comes to choosing phones now. How many of you care if a phone has 4G or not?

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