Love living the green lifestyle? You can’t go wrong by cycling around, although for those who need to commute a distance to work, cycling there isn’t going to make the cut – other than carrying your bicycle with you and mixing it up with different public transport routes. Well, what happens when you experience a flat tire with no repair shop in sight? This is where the Bike Fixtation is able to serve you better regardless of where the “calamity” occurs – as long as this self-service kiosk is nearby. 

Since it is a kiosk, you can be sure that it will work (most of the time) – as long as there is electricity sent to it. This unique vending machine will have on offer tubes, patch kits, use of adjustment tools and even access to a pump so that you can fill up your deflated tires without missing a beat.

Heck, even snacks and beverages are sold as well to help recharge the rider while the bicycle is being fixed. Too bad Bike Fixtation kiosks are still extremely rare – rarer than a legendary Pokemon, with only one available at the Uptown Transit Station in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN metropolitan area. Hopefully the Bike Fixtation will start to appear elsewhere nationwide.

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