When it comes to texting on our mobile devices, some prefer a phone with a physical keyboard, such as Blackberry devices, or phones with slideout keyboards like the upcoming HTC myTouch 4G Slide. Others prefer their devices to be thinner, so they might instead opt for a full touch-screen smartphone, and use the on-screen keyboard or tools like Swype to type out their messages.

Say what you will, the fact of the matter is the small form factor of the device will definitely not beat the comfort of a full-sized computer keyboard, which is why designer Kim Min Seok has come up with a concept smartphone device that is aimed for those who enjoy texting.

Unlike phones with a slideout keyboard, this design instead features the keyboard on the device itself and is inclined at a 30 degree angle, combined with the curved shape of the device, it was designed to offer comfort to the user when typing out text messages or emails. Like with most phones that feature slideout keyboards, the keyboards were meant to be used in landscape mode, and this phone is no different. However it does appear to be pretty huge and bulky due to its incline and overall design.

Despite all of that, it does look pretty good and while we don’t foresee handset manufacturers willing to push out a device that bulky anytime soon, perhaps they may borrow some his ideas for texting comfortably to be used in the future.

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