Over the years, it has been a fantasy for many a Batman fan to possess the engineering skills required to build their very own Batmobile. Well, Casey Putsch is a member of a select club who not only dreamt about it, but actually decided to get his hands down and dirty to build a working Batmobile from scratch. Yes sir, this model has an actual turbine jet engine that was salvaged from an old US Navy drone helicopter, burning jet fuel to get it going – but if times get hard, there are always alternatives such as kerosene or diesel. This street-legal vehicle measures 20 feet long and 7.5 feet wide, tips the scales at a whopping 2,800 pounds and can seat two – perfect for that Saturday night out with a date.

There are 365 ponies under the hood, and to keep up with the times, Putsch’s vision of the Batmobile comes with an iPad that has 3G connectivity so that you can always fight crime even in unfamiliar territory when you run a mapping program on the iPad. 

This is one Batmobile that even Bruce Wayne would be proud of, don’t you think so?

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