ESPN split screen Xbox Live

Love sports, but can’t stand the fact that sometimes there are two important games going on at the same time? DVR-ing a match for later viewing just doesn’t give you the same feel as watching it live, not to mention you won’t even be able to participate in any ongoing conversations with your friends who are watching one match but not another.

Well the folks over at Microsoft and ESPN have heard your cries and have announced an updated version of the ESPN service on Xbox Live coming your way soon. Come this August, ESPN on the Microsoft Xbox Live service will feature a split-screen view so that you can watch two games at a time! Now you don’t have to miss one match because you were watching another.

When there’s only one match going on, you can set one split screen to show programs like sports highlights which is a good way to pass the time during commercials, and you’ll never even have to miss a single second of the game (we all know what it’s like to change channels during the commercials, and to come back to the live game just to witness the end of a game changing play). Anybody looking forward to the split-screen update?

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