For those of us with favorite authors and books, attending a book signing is one of those rare opportunities where you get to meet your favorite author and tell them how much you love their work, and ask questions such as where did they get their inspiration from, will there be new releases, etc.

Given that there’s starting to be a noticeable rise in popularity of ebook readers combined with the fact that the Borders bookstore is shutting down, book signings might start to become a pretty rare phenomenon in the future, unless you wouldn’t mind your favorite author scribbling across your Kindle or Nook in permanent marker.

Introducing the Kindlegraph, which is a service that aims to recreate the book signing experience on the Kindle. How this service works is that the user will have to log into Twitter, select the book that they want signed (the book must be opted in by the author/publisher first), and send the request to the author. The author then receives the request and will “sign” the book using Docusign’s API, which is then sent back to the user’s Kindle as a separate file.

Granted it probably can’t beat the experience of seeing your favorite author in person, and there’s no saying that it’s actually the author doing the signing, but it definitely does add a certain amount of convenience to readers who may be from other countries and who are unable to attend the actual book signing. Not to mention it frees up a lot of the author’s time as they won’t be required to be in one place for a certain amount of hours, and will be able to spend more time personalizing the messages he/she “signs”.

For more information, you can head on down to Kindlegraph’s website.

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