Trust Jesse ‘Dean’ Graves to come up with a really unique take on the standard turntable, using LEGO parts. This is a full fledged DJ turntable that was specially concocted for Pioneer DJ’s Art Mix, where it brings together art, music and nostalgia in a single device. Graves’ LEGO art, while unique by itself, is not alone – as it was specially developed as one of Pioneer DJ’s Art Mix project which wil merge music, art and community in a new solitary form in order to provide benefits to the VH1 Save the Music Foundation.

The Pioneer CDJ-2000 turntable is actually the mainstay of this LEGO project, so of course you can expect it to function as expected. What we like is the fire-engine red LEGO slate which allows you to stash away records, while the LEGO-block audio extension will also add to the overall experience.

Thanks Christina for the hat tip on this! Perhaps there might be a LEGO version of the hipDisk down the road?

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