Fancy a robot which is capable of diagnosing what is wrong with it? LG has crossed that barrier with their latest robotic vacuum cleaner, known as the VR6172LVM, where it will go about cleaning your home’s floor of dust bunnies and their innumerable spawn. Apart from basic autonomous vacuuming, the LG Vacuum Robot also sports a low noise design of 48dB, and has a new Self Voice Over Diagnostic feature known as “Smart Diagnostic”.

Pressing the “Smart Diagnostic” button for at least 3 seconds will see the VR6172LVM perform a 30 second or 50cm round trip, where it will self diagnose itself by checking up to 14 different kinds of components. Once that is done, it will automatically inform you whether there is anything that requires your attention to get it fixed. 

Expect the LG VR6172LVM to arrive in the South Korean market (and hopefully, internationally in due time) soon for around $730 after conversion. What do you think of self diagnostics? Will it feature in all home appliances in the future?

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