You know, money makes people do weird things – especially when you have far too much money to spend in this lifetime as well as the next. Well, if you happen to be in possession of plenty of cold, hard cash in your bank account, then you might want to consider bringing home the McIntosh Mantle Clock. The clock itself was specially designed to look as though it was some sort of premium audio equipment that hates kids fiddling its knobs and buttons just in case something goes awry. We say it might as well have been, considering the heart attack inducing price tag of $1,500.

Yes, you heard that right – the McIntosh Mantle Clock retails for $1,500, and sports similar sized faceplate and blue-lighted meters as with the company’s stereo amplifiers. Both hands will represent the hour as well as minute, and we are sure McIntosh’s accountants are keeping their fingers crossed that as many people as possible will fall for their clever marketing ploy.

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