For years now, people have worn rings on their fingers as well as watches on their hands. Rings would be used in order to indicate someone’s marital status as well as being used for fashion, while watches are used to tell time in addition to their use in fashion. Now, you won’t need to wear one or the other as the Ring Clock combines both a ring and a watch in one ultimate accessory.

The Ring Clock uses a total of 144 ultra-thin LEDs that can display the current time when you twist it along your finger, all within a surgical-grade, allergy-free stainless steel ring that is water resistant. You’ll have a choice of being able to tell time through your ring in either blue or orange LEDs. Charging the Ring Clock is as easy as setting it down as it’ll recharge through wireless induction, although a full charge is said to allow the ring to function for a week without needing to be recharged.

The Ring Clock is currently seeking funding through their Indiegogo campaign where a pledge of $185 will get you your very own Ring Clock, which is said to be a rather large discount considering the retail price of the ring will be $250 when it’s complete.

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