Instant coffee brand Nescafe has turned to 3D printing in order to churn out a novelty item, where an extremely limited number of 200 jars of coffee will be sold worldwide that will boast of a new 3D-printed lid that sports the machinations of an alarm clock within. This particular idea was created by NotLabs, which is the creative division of NotCot, alongside Publicis Mexico. This special lid is 3D printed inside and out, where on the outside there will be a couple of designs by Shapeways, while the inside is done by NotLabs on its Makerbot printers, where the entire shebang runs on, no – not coffee, but on Arduino.

The underside of the lid actually boasts of an OLED display, while there is also a joystick which will allow users to be able to program the alarm. At the desired time, this unique coffee jar will wake you up (or at least, attempt to) through the use of one of seven gentle sounds, ranging from bird chirps to other soothing tunes. They will work in tandem with light patterns which the company touts to be “scientifically proven” to be stimulating.

There is no snooze button or any other way to turn off the alarm until you actually twist and remove the lid of the jar, hence literally forcing you to wake up and smell the coffee first thing in the morning. Genius!

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