Just how many ways do you think there are around to make good use of QR codes? We have seen them being implemented at graveyards on tombstones before, which is rather creepy when you think about it, but here is yet another way of implementing QR codes without having to be an advertisement of sorts. I am referring to the QR Code Clock – the name itself says it all. The brainchild of Michael Ciuffo, the QR Code Clock could be said to be, in his own words, “technological convenience that really isn’t convenient.” We totally get what he means – most of the time, clocks are meant to be easy to read and decipher, whether they are of the analog or digital variety, but with the QR Code Clock, it is virtually impossible to crack unlike those brain busting watches from Tokyoflash, as all you need to do is snap a photo with your smartphone while using the relevant app in order to tell the time.

Definitely something only you and the other geeky minded folks will be able to appreciate. As for other folks who stroll by your home, they will most probably be wondering just what kind of weird device is there sitting on your shelf, changing its pattern every single second. It is rather ironic that by the time you get an answer from your QR code scanner app on the current time, it would be a few seconds slow.

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