berg-cuckooYou might not have heard of BERG before, but they are an UK-based design consultancy whose claim to fame would be their innovative creation, The Little Printer. Well, staying put in a single place or resting on your laurels is never the way to go if you want to maintain a competitive edge. This could very well be why the BERG Cuckoo Clock has proven itself to be a new as well as highly original concept by working alongside the hugely influential social media network known as Twitter.

#FLOCK would come across as a limited edition wirelessly connected clock that will rely on the BERG Cloud development kit which will react to the activity of an individual Twitter account. The clock is said to be awarded to ten different brands or companies who have managed to show just how creative they can be when it comes to using Twitter, by offering a physical presence to their virtual activity. Comprising of a quartet of houses, three of them will hold brightly colored birds (fake birds, of course, and we aren’t even talking about stuffed ones) that react to Twitter notifications including a new follower, a retweet or an @message. The reactions vary in terms of popping out differently, making this a truly unique cuckoo clock. Twitter-enabled devices can be commercially produced or built from ground up via DIY just in case you were wondering.

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