DIGIPOWER platform-specific chargerMost people don’t know that the speed at which how fast your phone charges is dependent on your charger. In case you haven’t noticed, some chargers do work faster than others, and charging your phone with your computer’s USB port is much slower compared to charging it with a power outlet. Charging your phone with another phone’s charger (even if the ports are compatible) could even reduce the speed at which the phone charges.

Well, the folks at Mizco have apparently figured out the key to charging phones quickly and are releasing platform-specific chargers for smartphones, touting to let smartphone owners charge up their phones faster than ever. According to them, most universal charging devices are designed to perform optimally for one smartphone platform – the iPhone. Even though they charge Android and BlackBerry phones, they take longer to deliver a full charge. In order to overcome this problem, Mizco has released three platform-specific chargers to increase the speeds at which users charge their phones.

The new chargers are targeted at iPhones, Android phones and BlackBerry phones. While iPhones and BlackBerry phones might have a standard optimum charging speed that is the same across all devices since they come from the same manufacturer, it’s hard to believe that all Android phones have a standard at which the batteries charge at – after all they’re manufactured by different OEMs, so take heed. The DIGIPOWER chargers come in a Home & Car Kit that retails for $29.99, a Home Charger for $24.99, a Car Kit for $19.99, and a Power & Sound Kit that comes with earphones and the Home & Car Kit retaining for $39.99.

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