charger-explosion-busExploding chargers do seem to be a pretty common occurrence these days, where one did send a man flying across a room, while another caused quite a stir when another exploded on a bedside table. This time around, the smartphone charger that exploded on a bus actually resulted in two-foot ball of flames (that Dhalsim would have been proud of) according to eyewitnesses, resulting in the victim, a 14-year old teenager who suffered flash marks to her hands and stomach alongside some burned her.

The teenager was promptly sent to the hospital for treatment, while the 20 passengers were evacuated from the bus. Apparently, the girl actually plugged in a newly purchased battery-powered charger into her smartphone when the incident happened, much to the shock of everyone else on board the bus too.

The driver of the Llandudno to Caernarfon Arriva X5 bus immediately pulled over and called 999 for help, where the victim was then taken to Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor for further treatment. The 20 passengers who were evacuated were then transferred to a relief bus in order for them to continue on with their journey. It remains to be seen whether this charger that was purchased off an Internet site is the real deal, or some sort of third party manufactured or knockoff buy.

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