revocharge-beltclip5If there is one particular drawback about the number of mobile devices that we bring along with us each day, then it would most probably be chargers. Having five different mobile devices would mean having to carry an equal number of chargers, just in case all of them run out of juice at the same time. Well, here is the Revocharge, which happens to be a smartphone case which will deliver a direct pin-to-ring conductive charge to smartphones, hence resulting in no loss whatsoever of transfer or power.

In order to make sure that Revocharge appeals to the senses, it has a sleek look about it without sacrificing on functionality in the first place. It will deliver the capability of a universal sync in the form of a charge mount lock case, offering users the ability to sync and charge on their terms.

There is also a desk mount that delivers a centralized sync and charge solution regardless of the smartphone type which wears the Revocharge case. All that you, the user, needs to do, is to snap a battery pack to the back of the case, and you will see your handset juice up all the way to 100% at full speed.

Other accessories for the Revocharge include other car mounts, desk mounts, belt clips and a user-friendly armband. Right now, the Revocharge case will cater to the iPhones 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4, all without sacrificing access to headphone jacks, USB ports and other features.

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