Moosh watch

Most kids spend choose to spend time in front of their computers nowadays, connecting with their friends through their computers (i.e. in video games or social networks) instead of meeting up in person at a playground or a park – like in the good old days. Because of that, a designer has come up with an idea to get kids out of the house – with the Moosh watch.

The Moosh watch is made up of a wristband with an interactive timepiece. Kids use their time pieces to identify themselves, and to communicate with their friends or new people they meet. Using a computer or an iPod Touch (which kid doesn’t have one nowadays), they can find out more about each other i.e. how many and what badges they have. They can also share contact details so that they can keep in touch through Moosh’s social network. No word on when this concept will hit the stores, but it sure looks like a great way of getting kids out of the house. Watch a video demonstration after the break:

Moosh Watches Interview from Martin Spurway on Vimeo.

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