Netflix 3DS

After teasing the public with Netflix on the Nintendo 3DS last month at E3, it looks like the service is finally here for 3DS owners to get their hands on. While the Nintendo 3DS’ tiny screen isn’t exactly ideal for watching movies for long periods of time, users now have the option of streaming Netflix videos on their handheld console.

Unfortunately there’s no 3D content available on Netflix at the moment, so you’ll have to deal with watching regular 2D movies, but hey, at least it performs like the other Netflix apps available. You’ll be able to pause a movie on your 3DS and resume watching it on another device elsewhere. Good for those times when you want to watch Netflix in other parts of your house but don’t want to move your TV around.

To get Netflix on your Nintendo 3DS, all you need is a 3DS (obviously), a wireless internet connection, and a Netflix streaming subscription. Download the Netflix app from Nintendo’s eShop. Give it a go and let us know what you think; or have most of you already cancelled your Netflix subscription?

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