Nokia Mobile ManWhat do you do with phones that don’t work anymore? You usually leave them in a drawer somewhere, throw them away or recycle them. While not all of us are tree huggers by nature, Nokia is trying its best to encourage green behavior – by rewarding folks who recycle their unused phones. In an attempt to make the world a greener place (in case you didn’t know, Nokia makes the world’s greenest phones) the Finnish giant is rewarding phone recyclers in Beijing by giving them free movie tickets with every phone they turn in.

All folks have to do is visit a post office to put their handsets in designated envelopes, which they will exchange for the movie tickets and a receipt that provides the details to keep them updated on the status of their phones (which will be taken apart and recycled). And as part of the promotional stint, Nokia will be parading “Mobile Man” at random postal branches to promote their go green message.

The Mobile Man is a man-sized non-motorized creature that is made from over a thousand mobile phones and accessories. While it can’t move by itself (it would awesome if it could but alas Nokia is a phone company, not a robotics manufacturer), it goes to show what can be built out of old phones and a little creativity. I’d like to see someone fashion something similar as a Halloween costume. How many of you would trade your old unused phones for free movie tickets?

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