All of a sudden, hacking has received plenty of news coverage, (no) thanks to Sony’s security breach followed by plenty of other instances in recent months. Well, the entire hacking keyword isn’t going to fade into the limelight anytime soon, what with hackers having seized control of a PayPal Twitter feed earlier today, sending out messages which criticized the payment processor. This is the second attack of its type in the same number of days, where the first happened as hackers hijacked a Fox News feed for over five hours, declaring that U.S. President Barack Obama had been assassinated.

As for PayPal, nothing that grim was sent out, although messages which promote were posted. Just in case you were wondering, that site’s purpose is to expose “the nightmare of doing business ‘the PayPal way.'”

According to a PayPal spokesman, this Twitter account attack failed to throw a spanner in the works for PayPal’s operations, and neither were its internal computer networks affected.

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