KPV Scooter

If you’re one of those folk who easily get tired when cycling a bike – you might not have to anymore, thanks to the wonders of solar technology. Case in point, the KPV – an electric scooter created by an inventory named Terry Hope. He managed to create a scooter that ran on electricity while the battery stayed juiced up with a multitude of solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity. After creating the KPV scooter last year, Terry then decided to create a new vehicle this year: an electric bicycle called the SolarCross.


While the SolarCross will still require some pedaling to be done, users have the aid of an electric motor to push the bike along when the going gets tough. And like the KPV scooter, the SolarCross will make use of solar panels to keep its battery juiced. While both inventions are pretty unsightly, they are after all DIY projects and won’t be making its way to retail outlets, but it goes to show that solar power is still a popular choice when it comes to powering home-made vehicles.


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