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The folks over at My Nokia Blog recently received some interesting tips about the possibility of an upcoming tablet from Nokia. Apparently a company or a group named “Tab Co” has recently sprouted and has been dropping clues about a new tablet that’s said to be different from all the other tablets available on the market now.

Some people have speculated “TabCo” to be a fictional company made up by Nokia to generate interest for the tablet. The possibility is there but it’s not certain. From the viral videos released by TabCo, here’s what we managed to pick up so far: there’s going to be lots of swiping (one of the main features of MeeGo’s interface), it’s supposed to have a fantastic user interface, it’s not the PlayBook, it’s “way more Apple than Google”, and it’s not an iPad either (evident by the WWDC video – “Forget the fruit!”). The TabCo website is just as mysterious as its Twitter account, though the colors (red, black and white somehow give off a Motorola/Toshiba vibe but that’s just speculation on my part).

Check out the viral videos and let us know what you think about TabCo’s tablet:

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