Not all elderly folks are blessed with the ability to be able to walk about the house or outside without the need for a cane or some form of support. However, for those who do require a cane in order to go about their daily lives, Lithuanian designer Egle Ugintaite has come up with a cane known as The Aid, which provides more than just support for walking.

The cane was actually the grand prize winner in Fujitsu’s 2011 design award, and apart from just providing support during walking, the cane will also monitors the user’s pulse, blood pressure and body temperature. The readings are taken as the user’s wrist touches the sensors, which are then display on the LCD screen on the cane’s clasp.

On top of that, the cane also comes with a built in navigator which will help provide directions to a location of the user’s choice, or will alert a help center to the user’s location when the SOS button is pressed.

We know that sometimes foggy memory and certain ailments come about with old age, which is why a device like The Aid, that can not only provide 24/7 monitoring of the user’s health, but will also be able to provide reassurance and support – not just physically, but also emotionally to the user at the same time.

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