PlayStation 2 game collection

If you thought your PlayStation 2 video game collection was huge, wait until you see Ahans76’s collection. Ahan76 is a member of and is to their knowledge the only collector in the world to have a full library of NTSC PlayStation 2 games. Yes, every single NTSC PS2 game in existence – and that’s not the best part. Every game has yet to be opened and remains in its original sealed package. How’s that for impressive?

Ahan76 spent about four years collecting every single NTSC PS2 he could get his hands on, and it wasn’t just any PS2 game. They had to be sealed and first editions – with the black label and the white Sony seal on top of it. Only certain exceptions were made for re-released games; they would need to have a substantial amount of extra content in order to count (plus he would have the original version as well). Until now, his collection consists of over 1850 titles – which is every NTSC title available so far.

Since PS2 games are still being released even today, it looks like it’s going to take awhile before he’s done with the collection but at least he’s done with the older games. I wonder if he’ll decide to add games from other regions to his collection – after all, that would let him truly be the owner of every single PS2 game in existence. Head over to for the full interview with Ahan76 and more pictures of his impressive collection.

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