Before they PlayBook hit the market, RIM officially announced that the tablet will be able to run Android apps. In fact, it was one of the selling points of the tablet – after all, who wouldn’t want a device that was capable of running QNX, BlackBerry Java and Android apps? Exactly. But the tablet was launched – without app compatibility present. There was no confirmation to when it would be arriving, but it’s already been awhile and people are anxious.

The folks over at Engadget were recently tipped off by a reliable source who told them that this highly anticipated feature of the PlayBook won’t be arriving anytime soon, with “late fall” as the ETA. Nevermind Android app compatibility, but the PlayBook really is still suffering from lack of apps – it’s pretty much gimped when untethered to a BlackBerry phone. As of now, we’re still yet to see the native email, calendar and contact apps arrive on the PlayBook. RIM had better buck up, if not it’s going to have to cut more than just 2,000 jobs.

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