You know something strange about bar brawls? No one really knows how it starts, but the mayhem that ensues leaves the bar owner all but a broken man. Well, alcohol and egos prove to be a deadly combination, and there must be something that can be done to prevent such brawls from happening – not to mention property damage and the potential loss of life. It seems that there are more and more bars around the US that are looking to a new kind of ID scanner technology to help them out here, bouncing troublemakers before they turn up at your bar through information sharing with other local watering holes.

A customer who enters a bar will need to present an ID to the person attending the door, running said ID through a scanner which will then refer to the database as to whether said person is old enough to drink, not to mention shooting an image of the patron and ID. This information will then be shared with other bars in the vicinity, and if anything happens, they’re blacklisted with a relevant reasons keyed in.

Guess this is kind of social experiment of sorts goes to show the power of networking, so you had better to be on your best behavior the next time you think of venting your frustration on others after a few rounds of drinks. After all, you wouldn’t want to be banned from other establishments around the area, do you?

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