Kindle 3GSo we all know that ebooks are starting to catch on despite the Kindle being around for so long. Perhaps its due to the rising popularity of tablets or the various improvements made to ebook readers, but either way if you’re considering getting yourself a Kindle, perhaps there might be some pros and cons worth considering before jumping in with both feet.

Now the good news for those on a budget or who don’t really care about having the latest and greatest technology, the current generation’s Kindle is now available refurbished Amazon’s website with its prices slashed. They are now going for $99.99 for the WiFi only model which is down from $129.99, and $129.99 for the 3G + WiFi model which was originally $179.99. These are significant reductions in its refurbished prices which only saw a $10 reduction back in March.

For those who have been holding out for the next-generation Kindle, perhaps these price slashes could be what you have been hoping for all this while. This is based on speculation, of course, although it does have its roots when Amazon slashed the prices on refurbished accessories and the e-readers for their Kindle 2, the Kindle 3 (current generation) saw a launch a month later.

If we were to follow that trend then we only have a month or so to wait and see if Amazon comes up with anything new, but as we said earlier, if you don’t really care about having the latest, shiniest gadget, and owning a refurbished model does not bother you, $99 for the WiFi only Kindle does seem like a pretty good deal.

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