Lightning Motorcycle SuperBike

For anyone who’s doubted the power of electric motors – Lighting Motorcycle is here to set prove the non-believers wrong. The company recently smashed the electric motorcycle world record speed with an impressive top speed of 218 MPH (the previously world record was 173MPH). Even the bike’s average speed of 215 MPH smoked it!

The Lightning Motorcycle SuperBike is now touted to be the fastest production motorcycle available for sale in North America (though we’re pretty sure street legal versions will probably have its top speed capped). The SuperBike features a Remy HVH250 electric propulsion motor, and an Ener1 battery pack that is said to give it a mileage of over 100 miles on the freeway and a combined city/highway range of 150 miles.

The bike doesn’t come cheap though – you’ll need at least $40,000 lying around if you plan to buy one of these babies. But hey – at least you know you won’t be harming the environment when you ride this machine. Check out the video demonstration:

[Press Release]

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