The first flight for a fully electric aircraft was spotted in the vicinity of Vancouver, Canada.


Even though the first flight session lasted only about 15 minutes – it was a success.

The aircraft was originally a 62-year old, six-passenger seaplane – which was apparently tweaked to fit in an electric motor, as mentioned by the MIT Technology Review.

In addition to the build information, the aircraft was designed by an Australian engineering firm MagniX.

The test was made possible in partnership with Harbour Air, which also happens to be the word’s largest seaplane airline.

For this test flight, the aircraft can only travel for about 100 miles. However, Harbour Air plans to have full-fledged electric aircraft at least for shorter travel trips.

This should significantly reduce the cost and usage of fuel for quick air trips. And, the progress with this project will indirectly encourage every airline to try electric aircraft.

The usage of electric aircraft will also reduce carbon emissions. We cannot be sure how successful the tech will be – but it is definitely a good step to reduce carbon emissions.

Hopefully, we shall have a breakthrough in the near future to make a big commercial electric aircraft possible. Of course, that is a long shot now – but we shall be on the lookout.

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