Solar power is something that we do not deny will make the world a better place to live in, assuming it can be harnessed more efficiently than it is today. While solar panels are still very expensive to manufacture, hence the prohibitively high cost that consumers cannot afford, there is also the issue of the manufacturing process to be “green” and eco-friendly. What about the idea of spraying solar cells into existence? That is what a University of Alberta team thought up, where they claim this could very well revolutionize solar power.

Check out the researcher’s flexible, plastic solar cell that carries the image of the Canadian flag on it – these cells are far more affordable to manufacture and are way more modular compared to traditional silicon solar panels. Currently, they are in the process of fine-tuning solar cells that are made out of flexible polymers.

These plastic solar panels are very special because they are super thin – as that of a human hair, and can also be sprayed or rolled onto a surface in the manner where you paint a wall or wallpaper, and to cap it all off, it can even be woven into fabric for a greater array of implementation. Commercial availability is hoped to occur by the time 2015 rolls around – hopefully there is still an earth left to live on by then.

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