There are probably people out there who treat their pets as more than just animals, even treating them as though they are family, so we can only imagine the pain and anguish they must feel when they lose their pets who may have wandered off and have gotten lost. Given that GPS dog collars aren’t exactly new, the Tagg Pet Tracker has added its own take on the existing technology.

Basically the pet’s owner just needs to go online to set up the perimeter as to where their pet is allowed to wander off safely, and should their pet step out of the perimeter, the owner will receive an email or a text message alerting them.

We’re guessing that since it was designed for pets in mind, it has also been created to be able to withstand all the running, digging and jumping that occurs during a day in your pet’s life, and is even water resistant should your happen to enjoy the occasional splash about in a puddle.

There’s even a recharging dock and the Tagg Pet Tracker comes with a battery that is said to be able to last 30 days on a full charge. The Tagg Pet Tracker does not come cheap and will cost you $200 for the device and a year’s service. Additional devices will cost $140 each.

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