They say the moment you drive your brand new car out of the showroom, it effectively loses quite a chunk of its value – and the graph goes downhill from there. Well, I guess the same applies to electric cars, but a startup known as eV2g intends for your electric car to at least help you out financially each month by collecting money from grid operators to pay electric vehicle owners for making their parked cars available.


The grid operators will be able to siphon power from connected cars so that they can help meet customer demand during peak hours of energy usage, although to make sure that you don’t end up with a dead battery when you’re about to go home, you can opt to specify details including how much juice left you want to have remain inside the vehicle’s battery after that.

According to David Weir, director of University of Delaware’s office of economic innovation and partnerships, “The energy storage inherent in automobiles is staggering. If all the automobiles in the U.S. were electrified it would be enough to power the entire U.S. for half a day.” Now that’s an interesting statistic that definitely needs a second look – or even a third.

Although the income from selling off energy from your vehicle might not help you with a house downpayment even in a zillion years, it is still some cost savings on your side – and when you bring home and charge it during non-peak hours, you save even more money.

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