Google SSL beta

In the battle for supremacy, search engine companies are constantly introducing new features to make their services more appealing than others. This time instead of introducing something “fun”, Google has decided to improve the security of your search results with an encrypted version of Google called Google SSL. This version of Google encrypts your searches so that your search terms and search results are protected from third party interception.

Currently in its beta stage, Google SSL is available to the public, but it looks like Google is increasing the amount of beta testers by automatically redirecting a percentage of Chrome 14 users to the more secure search. While it sounds like a good idea for some people, there are some limitations with Google SSL beta – users can only search the web or for images. Categories like News aren’t supported yet. If you’re feeling paranoid, you can try out Google SSL for yourself, but for those of you who are automatically redirected to it, there should be a link for you to switch back to classic Google on the home page.

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