Interested in some inductive charging for your iPad 2? If the idea of inductive charging sounds good to you, and with the added bonus of it being a wall mounted inductive charger feels like icing on the cake, iPort may have something for you with their LaunchPort wall mounted inductive charger for the iPad 2.


As the name implies, the LaunchPort can be wall mounted and is an inductive charger and it will consist of three parts. The PowerShuttle which is a hard case with inductive charging meant to house your iPad 2, then there is the BaseStation which is table top mounted charging station for the PowerShuttle, and finally there is the WallStation which is the wall mounted charging station for the PowerShuttle.

The PowerShuttle “sticks” onto the BaseStation and WallStation magnetically and will allow the user to rotate the iPad as they please. We can’t speak for the strength of the magnet, but it does seem a little scary (and dangerous) to leave your iPad on the wall connected via only a magnet, but based on the demo video (below) it seems secure enough.

The PowerShuttle case is not just a hard case with inductive charging capabilities. It seems that it has been designed in such a way that supposedly passively amplifies and directs sound towards the front of the iPad, which apparently will result in a better listening experience.

If all that sounded good, be prepared to pay as the PowerShuttle case will retail for $149, the BaseStation for $199 and the WallStation for $199. The LaunchPort is expected to be made available in Q4 2011.

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