2012 is said to be the year where the world ends, either that or the Mayans decided that they weren’t going to hang around that long anyways and thought that there would be no point in counting when the world would end, hence abandoning their work halfway. Well, if there is still an earth to live on in a year’s time, then you might be pleased to make your way down to the South Pacific islands of Tokelau – after all, they intend to obtain 93% of their electricity needs directly from the sun itself, while the rest of the juice required would come from of all places, coconuts.

Tokelau’s leader Foua Toloa claimed that solar energy will deliver the majority of the electricity by the middle of 2012, while coconut oil will be able to handle the rest. As for motor vehicles and selected cooking equipment, those will be given special permission to use fossil fuels but apart from that, renewables will be the backbone of the nation’s power.

Currently, there are aroun d1,500 living on a trio of tiny Pacific atolls, with administration being handled by New Zealand.

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