Samsung has taken advantage of IFA 2011 to announce the arrival of the NaviBot S robotic vacuum cleaner that intends to go one up on all the other models that are in the market at the moment – basically, all it requires in just a single touch of a button to kick it into action, and to make things easier for it work, the NaviBot S will sport an Auto Dust Emptying function which will enable it to return to the charging base where it will proceed with dust evacuation into a central ‘bin’, juicing itself up afterwards before continuing with its tasks.

Heck, the upgraded model will make sure the main brush gets a nice cleaning when on charge, so you need not fret about that. Upgraded Visionary Mapping Plus System paves the way for speedy and smooth movement without a doubt, while the system delivers a thorough and efficient cleaning process, avoiding obstacles along the way thanks to its collection of upgraded sensors.

The NaviBot S measures a mere 8cm in height and is 10% smaller than its predecessor, allowing it to clean more efficiently in and around the home. In order to make sure no double job is done, the camera and sensor based navigation system is able to remember just where it had cleaned up before, so after being refreshed at the docking station, it will continue from where it left off. No idea on pricing or availability as at press time though. [Press Release]

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